Inspired by the burst of life the colours of Africa exude!

SAMBA is a modern, socially-conscious brand inspired by unique African prints, quality craftsmanship & the power of human connection.

Colourful Life

  • Thanks to a relentless pursuit of unique fashion fusion, we've established ourselves as the store you go to when gray is not an option.


  • We love to help others reach their own image goals and cultivate the very best version of themselves.

  • SAMBA Unique Designs

    Ready made stylish designs, you will think they were customized.

  • SAMBA Accessories

    If you’re a little more reserved & would like to tap into some unique & vibrant print fashion, a great option is to wear prints as accessories.

    Experience life with color 
  • SAMBA Bespoke

    Made to measure unique designs, made to order from our collection of fabric.

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As unique as you

Goodbye to boring clothes. Shop your your favorite color & instantly brighten up your closet.

Print Accessories

Whether they’re on a purse, necklace, headwrap or pair of shoes, these popular prints can add a touch of playfulness to a simple outfit.