Behind Samba Afri Glam

Meet Autiria Samba ~ from 
Autiria is bringing African culture and fashion to Malta!
Discover more about how Autiria started Samba Afri Glam below.
How did you start your business? 
I started by setting up an online shop myself to showcase Authentic African print fabric clothing and accessories made in Africa.
What and/or who motivated you to start your business? 
I want to celebrate and share the beauty of my culture and tradition through these vibrant African print fabrics. These vibrant clothes signify my culture with vibrant colours, carrying certain values and a unique style. Most online shops I have come across sell imitations imported from Asia and not authentic top quality fabric made in Africa.
Share with us: the most powerful or satisfying aspect of owning your own business. 
It makes me happy, it's something I enjoy doing. Samba Afri Glam is not just a business, for me it's a way to commemorate my heritage and beauty of my homeland. I am happy and feel proud to share it with the rest of the world. Starting here in Malta.