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       These beautiful unique bags are made from Raffia material (plain colour) plus African wax print fabric (mixed print fabric).What is Raffia?Raffia is a straw-like material that is gained from a palm tree. Its origin is Madagascar, but over the years raffia palm trees can be found in other parts of Eastern Africa. This type of 🌴 palm trees have a short trunk and the leaves are huge in comparison to most palm trees.

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Looking to tap into this unique and distinct trend?

Print Accessories     If you’re a little more reserved and would like to try the unique African print inspired fashion, a great option is to wear prints as accessories. Whether they’re on a purse, necklace, headwrap or pair of shoes, these popular prints can add a touch of playfulness to a simple outfit. African print tote bags, purses and handbags can serve as ultra-functional accessories to any outfit. Earrings and necklaces can be statement pieces that draw the eye to the face and add a touch of personality to a plainer look.  They can even be worn as hair accessories such as head wraps or hair clips, giving a vibrant pop of colour.

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