High quality, original African print fabric can last for a good number of years, if looked after properly.

After rocking your vibrant African print outfit or thinking about getting one for yourself, you might start wondering and ask yourself "how do I properly wash and care for the fabric?"

Original African wax print fabrics produced using locally grown cotton have excellent colour fastness so the colour will look exactly the same after each wash.

Here are some guidelines to help on how you can care for your vibrant African print fabric garments.

  • Machine (or hand wash) cold with similar colours. We recommend 30 degrees or a cold wash setting if using a machine.
  • If you are washing African wax print clothing, turn the garment(s) inside out when washing in the machine
  • Use mild washing powder
  • Use a gentle machine setting such as ‘hand wash’ to avoid the spin cycle
  • Line dry out of direct sunlight as the sun can cause colour damage
  • Iron using the cotton setting



You are welcome to get in touch with Samba Afr Glam if you have any questions about caring for your African print fabric clothing. Take a look at our unique collection of African print clothing and accessories online.