• Lubasi Jumpsuit

    Plain cape jumpsuit with a touch of ankara print.

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  • Mawimbi Set

    Full print, sleeveless crop top and pleated skirt.

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  • Mona

    Full print set. Elastic off shoulder crop top woth matching shorts.

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  • Bespoke Designs

    Bespoke clothing are very different frommade-to-measure clothing that you might buy onlinefor example. Bespoke clothing is made from scratch, just for you. In other words, no fabric is cut until you’ve been measured. It is much more time intensive. It requires more fabric and more skill. It also requires a lot more money.

  • Custom

    Custom means made-to-measure. “Custom” and “Bespoke” are notthe same thing. Custom is used to describe anything that isn’t ready to wear. If you buy a dress off the rack and get it tailored, that’s not a custom dress. It’s just a tailored dress.

  • Made To Measure

    Made To Measure clothing, on there other hand, start from a pattern – multiple pieces of fabric that have already been cut, and are ready to be customized according to your measurements and preferences.

  • Off Shouler Top

  • Champo Dress

  • Champo Dress Back View

  • Twaambo Dress

  • Twaambo Dress

  • Khanyi Dress