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Samba Afri Glam

Ivory Elegance Cargo Pants with Jacket Top

Ivory Elegance Cargo Pants with Jacket Top

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Cream Jacket:

Unveiling our 'Ivory Elegance' handmade cream jacket — a sartorial masterpiece designed to redefine sophistication. Meticulously crafted with artisanal precision, the creamy hue exudes timeless charm. The tailored silhouette, adorned with subtle hand-stitched details, reflects a perfect marriage of classic elegance and contemporary flair. 'Ivory Elegance' is more than a jacket; it's an embodiment of refined style.

Green Cargo Pants:

Complementing the grace of 'Ivory Elegance,' our 'Emerald Expedition' handmade cargo pants redefine casual chic. The rich green hue, carefully chosen for its versatility, adds a touch of modernity to this classic silhouette. Multiple cargo pockets bring functionality to the forefront, making 'Emerald Expedition' the epitome of style-meets-practicality.

Elevate your everyday wardrobe with this distinctive piece.

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